25KG Granulated Dishwasher Salt

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An Essential Accessory
Water softeners contain resin beads which attract metals; these metals then don’t enter your dishwasher, which prevents scale. The resin within a water softener will eventually run its course and gradually be exhausted, leaving only the metal ions which became attached to the resin in the softening process inside the unit, this is where regeneration is required with a salt top-up.

Effective Against Scale
By Checking your Manual Water Softener weekly and topping up with salt and flushing through, you can prevent scale from building up on your dishwasher which will affect not only your machine but the presentation of drinks.

Scale can be an aesthetic problem, leaving streaky and ‘milky’ looking marks on otherwise clean glasses and crockery. Clenaware water treatments are used to remove hardness from water coming into the machine. The hardness in water is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water, the more calcium and magnesium the water contains, then the harder the water is. Scale likes to cling to parts such as heating elements, wash arms and water hoses, so the glass or dishwasher can be the perfect host for scale build up.

Water treatments are not only beneficial for delivering perfect cleaning results; they are also essential for keeping the working parts of your glass or dishwasher running smoothly and efficiently.

Technical Details
Model: Granular Salt – 25kg
Description: Granular Salt
Application: Dishwashing
Capacity: 25Kg


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