DCS Clear Beerline Cleaner – 5 Litre

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A standard strength beer and pipe line cleaner for traditional soak cleaning. Sterilises and cleans lines for high quality dispensing.

Beer Line Cleaner has been formulated for all beer lines, pipes, pumps and cellar equipment. The product is a blend of inorganic alkalis, wetting agents, scale inhibitors and sequestering agents.


Use for the regular cleaning of all beer, lager, cider lines in Public Houses, Hotels, Night Clubs etc. Use of this product will maintain high levels of internal cleanliness. A regularly maintained dispensing system will result in inhibited biodegradation of dispensed products through microbial growth; product integrity will be maintained.


Beer Line Cleaner – Premium is highly effective

Wetting agents expose ALL contact areas

Prolonged dispensed Product life

Highly concentrated – Dilute 1 part to 80 parts water

No need for hot water


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