Kentucky Handle – Metal Mop Clip

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Give Your Kentucky Mop a New Lease of Life with the Kentucky Mop Clip!!!

The exceptional floor cleaning mop, the Kentucky mops, are an extremely popular floor cleaning product, however every now and again the clip may need replacing and instead of getting a new one, replacing your Kentucky mop clip couldn’t be any easier and can give your Kentucky mop an even longer life! This Kentucky mop replacement clip fits any of the Kentucky mop handles available.

As one of our most popular floor mops, the selection of Kentucky mop heads and mop handles are great at cleaning large floor spaces quickly and efficiently. Perfect for schools, restaurants, bars and factories, the Kentucky mop system is widely used by caretakers and cleaners. The Kentucky mop is efficient for laying down and picking up large volumes of liquid whilst also ensuring that tough marks are removed from the floor when mopping. Manufactured from pure cotton yarn (PY) by the highly praised brand SYR, our Kentucky mop heads, Kentucky mop handles and Kentucky mop clips are great value for money, super-efficient and have a long life line!

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